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Lowe - Kino International

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Хотела сначала сунуть в новости, но потом подумала, что тема заслуживает большего внимания. ;)

Сегодня, 9 июня, у шведских нью-вейверов Lowe http://www.myspace.com/lowe01 на свет появился новый ребеночек под названием Kino International.


1. Berlin Night Express
2. A 1000 Miles
3. Thick as Thieves
4. Now That I've Tasted You
5. Dice Roller
6. So Close, So Far
7. Free Fall
8. Shadows Rising
9. A Room With a View
10. Sirens Calling

– The songs are more upbeat and varied, and will attract a whole new audience. But we still sound like "Lowe", and old fans will love it as well, says lead vocalist Leo

Lowe's music is in the veins of The Cure, Marilyn Manson, New Order and Depeche Mode. The band likes to call it "pop noir", which is somewhere in-between pop, electro and indie.

– "Kino International" travels through heartfelt bombastic landscapes, and it oozes sex, death and decadence, adds bass player Rickard.

The band has become very successful in Eastern Europe, where they have toured a lot, and has appeared on a number of large TV- and radio shows. The debut album "Tenant" earned them the prize for "Best Newcomer" at Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards.

– We worked long and hard to get this album as good as we could. "Fillers" are nothing we believe in, so every track had to be considered as a single, keyboardist Mehdi sums up.

The first single "A 1000 Miles" is out now and is already on radio, online and TV rotation.

Жду-не дождусь! Если весь альбом будет таким же как песенка A 1000 Miles... :love:


Lowe - A 1000 Miles



Офигенный альбом получился!!!  :cool:
Слушала недели 2 на рипите, не отрываясь.  :yep: